Product Information

  Music Stand Banners

We have developed three types of methods for attaching our banners to our music stands.

Velcro System

This system is ideal for collapsable stands; e.g K &M.

Envelope System

Ideal for solid type stands or orchestral stands, manufacured by Manhasset

Dual Fixing System

For bands or organisations that have a mix of collapsable and orchestral type stands.

Special Requests

As specialist manufacturers of one of the featured fixing options does not meet your requirements please ask us for advice in designing an option for you.

Banner Carrying Case

Protect your music stand banners with our robust, lightweight carrying case. These cases have been designed by TOR Banners and manufactured with a padded and lined interior. Each case can hold up to 30 banners.

Banner Fringes

Our banners can be fringed with four colours of fringe GOLD, SILVER, BLACK AND WHITE. We can also now fringe banners in PURPLE.



Your bands music stand banner can be trimmed with high quality metallic braids further enhancing your bands design.

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